• Doona Car Seat

Doona Car Seat

Doona car seat is the first in the world that can turn into a stroller and provides a fully integrated mobility solution. Received a 5-star rating in head-on crash tests and a 4-star rating in general crash tests. It has unique anti-rebound protection and was developed in collaboration with physicians and ergonomics experts.
Doona Car Seat
Ergonomic back and head cushions to absorb energy
Car seat protector
Cushion for optimal support for the back and head of infants and for optimal protection from side and head injuries.

Ergonomic and close to lying down from birth up to 3 months. 

Maximal comfort and protection for young babies.

A central docking point prevents the back cushions from moving out of its place and it is made of extremely safe materials.

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  • 160.00 ₪