• ONE Carrier

ONE Carrier

Suitable for face-to-face and back-carrying.

Suitable from birth (from 7 pounds) to age 3 (30 pounds).
A higher headrest, which provides the baby with a stronger neck support and optimal support for babies who fall asleep in the baby carrier
Adjustable seat that fits the size of the baby: shoulder straps with innovative cushioning that help to evenly distribute the baby's weight, making it easier for the parent to allow for easy carrying with ease and comfort
A more rounded upper frame, which matches to the baby's body and "embraces" the child better
Broader maximal leg spread
Airy Fabric
Zipper Lock: Optimal zipper lock that provides full stability to the baby in any carrying position
Improved fitting straps that are designed to be thinner and lightweight and airy.
Improved Breathable Fabric: Made of improved, softer and more breathable fabric than cotton.
Safe and approved for use: Complies with European safety standard EN 13209-2: 2015 and US safety standards ASTM F223
The baby can be carried in 4 different ways comfortably and easily:
Face to face: Optimal carrying for a newborn baby with the baby placed high on the parent's chest.
Baby faces in: Easy, safe and comfortable carrying thanks to advanced ergonomic design.
The baby faces outwards: Recommended from the age of 5 months and allows the baby to explore the world with you.
Easy to carry on the back: From the age of one, which allows carrying on the back independently and easily.

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