• Water Baby Carrier
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Water Baby Carrier

Waterland is a water and land use carrier that allows carrying the baby comfortably and safely.

Adjustable for baby and body dimensions.
Made of neoprene fabric  - breathable, elastic, soft and easy to dry.
A fabric used for surfing clothes and the most professional diving suits in the world!
The neoprene fabric helps keep the baby's body temperature in the water.
Safely wraps and holds the baby while staying in the water, leaving both hands free.
Designed for infants from 4 months to 2 years of age, weight 12 to 30 pounds.
Can be used when the baby's face is facing you or facing forward.
Conveniently padded shoulder straps, and a safety clasp for easy and quick opening of the carrier.
Comes with a dedicated carrying case!

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