• Ant Steel Stroller

Ant Steel Stroller

Suitable for 6 months age and older

Including Aluminum chassis, a seat, under-seat net, canopy attachment, back and front wheels, seat and headrest cover, extended canopy, side and wheels covers.

A modular seat - choose which way the child faces.

Supports 3 reclining angles (Upright, easy and flat).

Adjustable back that supports the child's back and assists in upright sitting, which improves posture and increases comfort.

Weighs 14 pounds

Folded Dimensions: 55X38X23 cm

Can be boarded on aircraft of most airlines 

Can carry a child up to 22Kg

Large back and bottom compartments - extra 15 pounds storage

Adjustable handle, extended canopy

Combined hinges: Wheels board, cup holder and organizer

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  • 999.00 ₪