Mom's Time

By Roni Naiss, a Chinese medicine therapist.

Yoga, proper nutrition, sleeping at every opportunity, and funny content - Maintaining the body during pregnancy does not end after childbirth, but only intensifies because that is exactly the time when the mother is exhausted and depleted.

In recent years, the awareness of body and mind wellbeing has risen, and the realization that our body, that tool which has to carry us for so many years, requires maintenance. The high rate of events taking place in this modern world creates a state of imbalance between the energy we spend and the one we draw in. Those who choose not to maintain their bodies find themselves feeling unhealthy at a young age.

By the age of 20, as most of our body systems function well without any help, most of us do not feel the need to preserve and maintain them through therapy and added to that the sense that we can endure anything, and there is no need to scrutinize what to eat; when to sleep and what sports we do. Between the ages of 20 and 30, all of these are rising, and people are beginning to look for a healthier way of life. There are those who change their diet, the sports they do (or just start doing sports), their sleep and awake times, the perception of life and more. Those who make the change and begin to maintain themselves gain a light and youthful feeling, a strong and healthy appearance which makes the maintenance worthwhile.

In those years and those to come, the attempt to become even healthier is intensified with the desire to have children. With women, this manifests itself in an effort to regulate the cycle and strengthen the body. It seems like once you've decided to get pregnant, time starts to work against you, and any moment that you are not pregnant is a dead time. But the truth is that every passing month you can take care of yourself and enter this world healthier and stronger.

When you become pregnant, you discover that you have enough resources and mental strength to quit habits such as alcohol consumption and smoking. All these clear the way for healthy smoothies, strengthening sports activity and good sleep. After giving birth and after doing all you can to keep yourself and the developing fetus well, you allow yourself to let go. Only this is exactly the wrong time. A postpartum woman needs endless mental and physical powers. A breastfeeding mother doesn't sleep continuously and is busy with new tasks. She needs therapy to relieve stress and pressure from the shoulder blades, back, hands and heart. She needs to be caressed and taken care of. While all its energy reserves are aimed at maintaining and treating the newborn, the mother remains, many times, exhausted and depleted. All of this is added to her need to become a superwoman in the modern world, to juggle shining careers, relationships, children and pets. The problem begins when taking care of herself is marginalized and she does not allocate enough resources to gain strength.

I found it difficult to inspire a young mother to take care of herself and that the right path to her heart goes through her dearest. When we realize that our children see and feel everything, we cannot fol ourselves any longer.

A mother, depleted of resources, strength, and peace, imparts to her children her feelings and difficulties. Children understand subtexts. A happy mother from the outside is the same as a happy mother from the inside, so caring for ourselves is not a mere option nor a privilege, it is our duty. A baby to a mother full of resources, healthy and happy is a healthier, happier baby who feels loved.

Chinese medicine has a variety of tools and solutions for recovering resources that are missing from the mother. With the help of herbs, you can replenish and regulate the various body systems. Such treatment is also suitable for those suffering from hormonal imbalances, anemia, weakness and fatigue, diminished milk, breast infections and more. Acupuncture and Tuina can also be used for treatment, as Chinese touch techniques, which increase the functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system and allowing the body to relax and let go of all that is hardens us.

What else can you do to fill your body with resources during pregnancy or after giving birth?

  • A strong and healthy diet
  • Two months after giving birth, you can start practicing yoga (I recommend Einar) and Pilates. This is to maintain a strong and healthy body, which may very much go out of balance during pregnancy due to the heavy stomach that pulls us down and forward, and later by holding the baby on our hands while we carry on doing everything else.
  • Two months after birth you can also start practicing sports. It does not have to be fast or strenuous, but only to release stress and allow for breathing and silence
  • Guided meditations and breathing
  • Sleep. Seek help and sleep. As much as possible and without guilt. Put aside the desire for a neat home and indulging hospitality for visitors. This is not the time to pamper others, it's time to dedicate to yourself and look after yourself.
  • Take care of the joy of your life. Read positive content, be around optimistic and happy people, watch movies or series with pleasant and easy-to-watch content
  • Contact\touch treatments

When a woman wants to get pregnant everything is valid for her. She is willing to spend a lot of money and precious time to be strong and healthy. Between us, there is no reason why you should not keep the same investment in your health after give birth 

No one is more important than you.

A healthy mother, a healthy family.

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